Commercial Buildings

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Basically a commercial building is a type of building that is solely for commercial use. It can be used for offices, warehouses or retail outlets.

In some places, commercial buildings combine functions such as an office on levels 2-10 with retail on level 1. Most of the commercial building in Malaysia are build with basement car park to provide parking space for its tenants and visitors.

There are few commercial building in Malaysia to name here, Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC), the commercial and entertainment centre in heart of Kuala Lumpur, Sungei Wang Plaza and Pavillion in Bukit Bintang and Berjaya Times Square in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.

Shopping Centres

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Shopping malls or shopping centres are large complex with a variety of shops in them. The shops are easily accessible and in the shopping centres there are escalators and elevators to ease shopping.

In Malaysia, most malls sell almost anything from clothes, food, household accessories, hardware, computer goods, sports equipment and entertainment like cinemas, skating rinks, bowling alleys, pool tables, etc.

Most of the shopping malls in Malaysia also have a food court and an anchor departmental store, such as 1-Utama Shopping Mall in SS22, Petaling Jaya, Sunway Piramid Shopping Centre sited in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya and The Mines Shopping Complex in Sri Kembangan are among the famous shopping centres in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Retail Stores

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A retail store is basically a store that is selling goods or provides services such as a book store, a boutique, a barber and so on. They can be found in shopping malls or shop offices, shop houses, commercial buildings or standalone store.

Standalone stores are quite rare unless it is a large company. Typical retail stores can be found in central business districts and urban areas for most of the places in Malaysia.

Example of the retail stores, Sungei Wang Plaza in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, one of the famous and oldest retail stores in Malaysia.

Shop Offices

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A shop office is basically self-explanatory. It is a row of buildings in which separate shop offices are linked together. It is different from office buildings or shop houses. However it is the same design as the shop house. The only difference is a shop house is not used fully while a shop office is used fully for commercial use.

In the early twentieth century, this style of building was common in the cities closer to commercial districts like Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Shop Offices often used for larger businesses where large companies needed a large amount of space.

Shop Houses

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They are generally low rise buildings with two or three storey. On the ground floor there are shops which open up to a five foot way and upstairs it is office or residential accommodation. Shop houses generally have the same design as shop offices, a row of buildings which are linked together.

Usually the shop is a coffee shop, barber, auto workshop or sundry shop. Residential accommodation is meant to accommodate one or more families or used as a dormitory for workers. In Malaysia, some shop houses are usually used for family businesses where the shop is used for businesses and the upper floors for residential purposes.

The position of the shop and residential space depends on the number of floors of the shop house: A single storey shop house tends to include residential space behind the shop, while residential spaces in shop houses of two or more storey are typically located above the shop. This type of shop houses still can be seen in many location in Kuala Lumpur, along Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Chow Kit and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman are few to name here.

Service Apartments

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A service apartment is very similar to hotels but the only thing is you can own or rent a unit of service apartment. It is furnished and provides facilities for daily use. It is also designed for short term stays and is cheaper than hotel rooms.

Since the beginning of the boom in cheap international travel, there has been a rise in the interest in service apartment instead of hotel for short stays. Service apartments are basically like condominiums with services included.

They are usually located in commercial districts. It is said that they are not regarded as residential properties hence they are not covered by the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1996.

The Ascott and Micasa Service Apartment near KLCC are some of the famous service apartment available in Kuala Lumpur.


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What defines a bungalow is usually its hefty price tag. It usually offers the highest quality, location, floor plan, amenities and lifestyle to owners within the community. Size does matter sometimes but it does not define a bungalow.

Estates, mansions, castles, villas, and seaside bungalow are the obvious luxury style bungalow, but some that feature: an interior lap pool, art gallery, gym, media room, relaxation room would be categorized as well, despite the size.

Bungalow in Malaysia are usually the upper-tier of the market and are priced from RM1 million onwards. Bangsar, Bukit Damansara & Tropicana is one of the most sought after addresses in the Malaysia with many large well-set bungalows are located here.


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Generally townhouses are not as popular as other types of houses in Malaysia. Townhouses are two properties built on the same piece of land, normally the lower unit occupies the ground and part of the first floor, while the top unit occupies the remainder of the first floor and the remainder second floor.

Most of the time the owner of the lower unit is different from the owner of the top unit. Townhouses are different from condominiums or apartments. In other countries, townhouses are also known as row houses. Some townhouses have amenities in the community such as playgrounds and tennis courts.

The characteristics of a townhouse include a small frontage onto a street or thoroughfare and a yard of some kind behind. It is strata property where each of the owner been issued with strata title. The first townhouses in Petaling Jaya were built in Section 20 Jalan 20/7 two properties built on the same piece of land, where upper floor and lower floor with different land titles.

Mission, Vision & Values

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At SWA, we are committed to always finding a better way to service our customers. Our belief in a better way and our relentless quest to find it is what separates us from others. It’s what gets us up in the morning and it’s what we focus on throughout the workday. It’s more than our philosophy. It’s what drives every decision we make, and our consumers, distributors, associates, and shareholders benefit from it.

Our Mission
We will innovate, across products and services, creating true solutions to fit ever-changing needs.

Our Vision
• We will simplify, making things clearer and easier, in order to increase growth and decrease cost.

• We will save, constantly identifying better ways to increase efficiency and generate savings.

• We will touch, always working to show empathy and caring to our customers and communities.

• We will build our brand, not just through marketing but through a satisfying total service experience that reinforces our reputation.

• We will demonstrate stewardship, in how we manage risk and deploy capital and lead with financial controllership.

What are we doing?

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At SWA Wealth Advisory, our business is focused on helping customers achieve lifetime financial security. We have a long history in financial services. Experience, financial strength and our whole Malaysia vantage point are a powerful combination in all our markets. They help us provide our clients with relevant and smart life insurance, health, dental and disability insurance, education savings, medical insurance, investing and retirement planning services, annuities, and a host of other financial security products, specifically designed for various life stages and goals.

But we’re committed to more than great products. We are also committed to operating in a socially responsible way and acting as good corporate citizens everywhere we live and do business.

Our business is based on trust. Trust in our products and services. Trust that we’ll guide the company in a way that upholds the confidence of our customers, shareholders and business partners around the world.
Building trust and maintaining our reputation depends on the decisions we make, the values we maintain, our leadership strength and the personal integrity of each and every employee. We take seriously the responsibility inherent in helping our customers secure their financial futures. It’s why we’ve developed and adhere to guidelines for strong and consistent governance throughout the organization.

From our earliest beginnings, ethics and integrity have been cornerstones of the way we do business. They are part of why we have such a strong reputation, and why our employees are proud to work for us.

Each year, all employees, officers and directors must provide assurance that they have been, and will continue to, comply with the Code. It’s the way we do business, from acting fairly and professionally, to avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining employee and customer privacy.