About Us

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SMART WEALTH ADVISORY SDN BHD is a leader in offering businesses, individuals and institutional clients a wide range of financial products and services, including retirement and investment services and life and health insurance through its diverse family of financial services companies. Now, we diversify our business into business service industry with providing services of business start-up grant application, trademark registration and web design.

At SWA, we are committed to always finding a better way to service our customers. Our belief in a better way and our relentless quest to find it is what separates us from others. It’s what gets us up in the morning and it’s what we focus on throughout the workday. It’s more than our philosophy. It’s what drives every decision we make, and our consumers, distributors, associates, and shareholders benefit from it.

Our Mission
We will innovate, across products and services, creating true solutions to fit ever-changing needs.

Our Vision
• We will simplify, making things clearer and easier, in order to increase growth and decrease cost.

• We will save, constantly identifying better ways to increase efficiency and generate savings.

• We will touch, always working to show empathy and caring to our customers and communities.

• We will build our brand, not just through marketing but through a satisfying total service experience that reinforces our reputation.

• We will demonstrate stewardship, in how we manage risk and deploy capital and lead with financial controllership.