5 Reasons to Check Your Report Regularly

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1: Check for Errors and Inaccuracies

About 1-in-4 credit reports contain errors that can affect a credit decision. These errors may include human input error, incorrect information reported about your account, or addition of some other account information that has a similar name to yours.

You should check you report at least annually and prior to submitting a home mortgage or other application.

2: Tracking Payments

The typical household will during one month make 1 mortgage payment, 4-5 credit card payments, 1-2 student loan payments, 1-2 auto loan payments, 4-5 utility payments, and the list goes on.

Multiply this number of payments by 12 and you can imagine the probability that 1 or more payments were recorded incorrectly by your creditor.

You should check your credit report to make sure that your payments has been properly recorded.

3: Identity Theft

This is probably the main reason why you should check your report regularly. Identity theft occurs when someone assumes your name and social security number to open credit accounts, divert card statements to another address, and drive up debts.

Identity theft can destroy your credit and trap you into a complicated process to clear your good name and background.

Checking your credit report regularly can help prevent identity theft. It shows credit activity being made in your name. You can monitor over time whether a particular inquiry or credit account was open without your authorization.

4: Inquiries

Every time you make a request for credit or enter into some contractual service, your lender or service provider may check your credit, which places an inquiry on your credit report. Multiple inquiries over a short period of time can lower your credit rating.

Your credit report will show the inquiries made to your report. It is important to know who has made an inquiry, whether such inquiry was authorized by you, and most importantly, whether any of the inquiries are related to Identity Theft.

5: Credit Fraud — Unauthorized Charges

A credit report will show the credit accounts that are still open but with limited or zero activity.

Question: if someone confiscated your credit account, how would you note any activity to the account if the creditor has on their records your previous address? Reviewing your credit report allows you to catch new activity on accounts that may be fraudulent.

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