How do I sell my house when the economy now is so bad?

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First, you'll need to do your homework, and make sure all of your homework sells for themselves - It's crucial to your property pricing as this will impact not only the price of your house, but also how well you're going to sell or how fast you can sell your property.

* Find a good property broker and make sure:
o The property broker knows your area well.
For example, if you're staying in SS2, make sure you find a property broker who knows SS2 inside-out, including the duration of the property advertised already, what is the land value, the coming trend in the next 5 years, etc.

o The property broker advises you on reasonable price and environmental changes on your house.
For example, the property broker should be able to tell you how you should price your home, how will your house stand out from the others, etc.

o The property broker is able to tell you what house would sell best and why.
For example, if you're staying in SS2 and need information about who's selling, what's selling, where's selling and how to push your house, your property broker should be able to answer them all.

o The property broker should know the closing numbers of property price in your area.
For example, the property broker should be able to tell you this house will be sold for a closing number of RM xxx,xxx - Someone bought at that price, someone pays THAT MUCH for it.

o You get references from other people.
Find out more about your broker from people who've dealt with him. One best way is to talk to people around your area and scout for more information from people who has history with the property broker.

* If you're doing the tour guiding yourself (in your house), remember NOT to 'up-sell' them by:

o Telling them that other colours will look great if they re-paint.
o Other new 'fixed' furniture will be a great addition.
o Windows, walls, tiles and glasses could use a good polish.
o Doing the landscape (garden) will be a good idea.
o Spoilt items can be used in many other ways, etc.

One of the reasons is because you do not want your prospect buyer to feel they need to refurbish, remodel or reconstruct your house if they buy it. You want to SELL your CURRENT house.

* Rearrange your house, make it look something cleaner, newer and if possibly, with style. You can do that without spending any/little Ringgit by:
o Creating a lot of space in your house.
A lot of space can make your house look simple, tidy, clean, neat and polished.

o Rearranging your furniture.
Rearranging your furniture can help you catch another type of feel - Especially when there's a major move.

* Create a nice Picture Album/Book of your house.
Usually, people will look at an average of 15-25 houses before they decide which one they should buy. And since almost NONE of them has something so personalised like your Picture Album/Book, they will most likely go to yours first.
What should you put inside the book?
o House/Property floor plan.
o A simple map of nearby facilities like clinic, plumber, school, police station, park, etc.
o Website of your house, with necessary description.
o Photos of your house, from every room/location. The more angles of a particular area/room, the better.

* Remodel your house at the minimum level.
The little things you do on your house can mean a lot:
o Changing new door knobs.
You'll be surprised that your door looks new with the new door knob (of course, after wiping it)
o Changing new faucets.
Your sink will look cleaner, healthier and new.
o Changing your shower tap + head.
o Changing the handle of your cabinets, closets and drawers.

* Drive along your neighbourhood and feel for yourself.
Drive slowly, and look at others' property. The color, the decor, design, etc. After you've seen them all one-by-one in a very slow manner, go back to your house. Look at your house and compare. How do you feel? What should you do?

* When your property broker found a prospect buyer, collect valuable items and LEAVE THE HOUSE.
Allowing the property broker and prospect buyer alone in the house can be a 'WOW' factor to the prospect buyer, indirectly. This allows them to:
* Say things that they cannot say in front of you,
* Open lockers, drawers, cabinets and touch any other items they cannot touch when you're there.

Remember, the key to selling your property does not lie only to the country's economy, the land factor, or what others would decide how you should price it.

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